Flat Buyers Can Now Report Anti-Profiteering of GST

By Accommodation Times Bureau


Good news to flat buyers they can now report Anti-Profiteering of GST. In Sukhbir Rohila v. Pyramid Infratech Pvt. Ltd. (2018) 9 TMI 1107 (NAA); (2018) 97 taxman. com 379 (NAA), the National Anti-Profiteering Authority vide its order dated September 18, 2018, has confirmed Anti-profiteering charges on the sale of flats and also imposed a penalty. In the instant case, 36 applications were filed alleging that the benefit of Input Tax Credit (ITC) had not been passed on to the Applicants in respect of the construction service supplied by the Respondent.

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In Sukhbir Rohila v. Pyramid Infratech Pvt. Ltd

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