By Amit Lamba

ARIES = Mars the Lord of Aries is Dilapidated for the whole Month, Thus Do not be too prompt to give your opinion. Do listen to the others attentively. You may Get Good Opportunities to travel.

TAURUS = This fortnight is the time for introspection for Taurus people. Think about your goals in life and accomplishments that they have so far done. This is the Time to Sit back & Relax and Enjoy the Fruits of the Past This will help them rejuvenate your mind and body.

GEMINI = you can receive a recognition for the work which you made. April is a good month in terms of money for Gemini people. You may get Intuitions to further your career. Look within and you will get to a Excellent logical conclusion.

CANCER = This is the fortnight of Progress & Comforts .Ideas to further your career development are possible. You could get into a new Business Venture, Investment are also Profitable. Invest wisely.

LEO = After the tiring work pressure that Leos faced in the past months- this fortnight is to rewind your self and take rest. The rewards of your efforts will show up Soon. This will boost up your energy level to a great extent. You may come up with very bright ideas .

VIRGO = You could experience unusual circumstances and to meet eccentric people. Be careful in money matters.. Do not Discuss Plans with associates or Partners and you may be a Victim of deceit.

LIBRA = Many of the past problems will be sorted out .You will be helped by some of your close friends at the time of need. Do not hesitate to express your opinion when they are relative questions for work. You may Invest in a New Vehicle.

SCORPIO = This fortnight you may Bring changes which will improve your Personality & enhace your Luck. Be it on professional front or personal front- Scorpio people will lead the Pack. Partnerships come into a greater focus .

SAGITTARIUS = This fortnight you may get Information that you profit can be used in all the aspects of your life. Be your Natural self . Don’t try to overdo things for immediate gains. Your partners advice is important and can help you achieve success in life.

CAPRICORN = For the Next 2 weeks be sure to cash in on your skills and knowledge. Your Imaginative mind can bring in good amount of success to your life. You may Travel for Education or Some vocational training , this will add to your abilities.

AQUARIUS = This fortnight the real focus is on building something new . Their superiors will be impressed by their work. Overseas Connections may bring in Luck. You may get an opportunity to Travel Over seas for work.

PISCES = Keep an eye out for some wonderful business opportunities, If you are on the side of trying to hold on to the old ways of doing things, you will lose to the innovative competitor. This is a good time for business networking; Mercury makes the energy more argumentative.





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