Forecast for the period 16thMay to 31stMay

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Taurus: You may have put in a lot of hardwork but results maybe delayed.You need to work out ways to sort out problems with co-workers.Property deals will be profitable.

Gemini:You will be working very hard and may not get the time to relax.Your full focus will be only on work.Keep up your positive attitude.Be careful of getting into partnerships.This is not the right time.Dont let criticisms bother you as the stress can take a toll on your health.

Cancer:Take criticisms in your stride and dont let them bother you.Take care of your health.There maybe travel on the cards regarding new work.At this point of time work should be your main focus.Past issues with some people may have a bad impact on property deals.

Leo:Dont get into things you may reget later as unhealthy competition may rub you the wrong way.Lots of pending work may make you irritable.Your hard work will gain you respect in your field.So sit back and relax.

Virgo:Your impatience may lead you to do things you may regret later.Be careful and control your temper.In the days nearing the 31st, results of your hard work will be delayed.There maybe some issues with office personnel.Your full focus on property deals will be useful.

Libra:You will be fully focussed on acheiving results.There maybe some difference of opinion with a co-worker.Your positive attitude and hard work will bring good results

Scorpio:Accepting your mistakes and rectifying them will help improve relations with co-workers.From the 23th onwards all your plans will materialise.Be careful as someone may try to take advantage of you.Listen to advice given by experienced people.

Saggitarius:Be careful as there maybe problems at workplace.Unhealthy competition may stress you out.Results of hard work maybe dealyed.In property market too things may not be the way you wish them to.

Capricorn:You will try your level best to get things done but it may take a while.You may want to take things up slowly and not take a giant leap.It will take time for gains from property or shares.

Aquarius:Anew sorce of income will begin.Critics will realise their mistake and will rectify themselves.Between 23rd and 31st a new deal may materialise.Take the effort to keep co-workers happy.You will reach an enviable position due to your hard work and persevereance.

Pisces:Victory is yours as you have put in a lot of hard work.Social commitments may tire you.Take time out to relax and enjoy.People will stop taking advantage of you.You will have the confidence to take a decision regarding a property matter.

Aries:There will be a lot of creativity and positive energy.Try to be more reasonable with co-workers.During the period nearing the 31st you may want to take up a new course to update yourself.Be careful while dealing with shares.You will correct your past mistakes and start afresh in property market.People will learn to respect you.

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