Former MPs rush to new homes, Lutyens Bungalows for BJP ministers

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By Accommodation Times News Service

“Its time to find a new home” is the line of those officers who have lost their positions, cars, entitlements and their Lutyens Bungalows. The reigning political power party BJP victory has suddenly caused a huge shifting from Lutyens Delhi. New rule implies that only ministers will be given the Lutyens Bunglows and all other will get an MP quarter decided by the Narendra Modi government.

Former law and external affair minister Salman Khurshid has moved out of his posh to his another ancestral house in south Delhi , AK Antony has vacated his house, former minister Kapil Sibal said, I am looking for an appropriate place, but it is difficult to find one in such hurry. I want to shift out as soon as possible. The PMO government has not spared the former BJP and former finance minster Jaswant Singh who contested an independent and lost has asked to vacate the bungalows. AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal has been sent 4 notices but has got responded to any of them, the government said earlier some actions will be taken.

Nearly a third of the 260 members of the previous Lok Sabha lost candidates have asked extensions for vacating their homes as 315 members are moving in. The House Committee will consider all the request and allotments form next week. One of the official from the Urban Development Department said, politicians who occupy government accommodations have never been forcibly evicted form their homes the UDD sends them notices first and then if not vacate we charge them rent as per the market area price. In the past ministers have put up in luxurious five star hotels until they don’t get their Lutyens, but MPs in PMO government has stayed in government hotels.

The bungalows allotted to the MPs are been divided into categories, MPs as per the government rules are entitled to Type IV and V bedrooms and study. The higher categories allotted to the second time MPs and ministers are fewer in number, the Cabinet ministers enjoy type VIII bungalows in the Lutyens zones which have number of bedrooms, big lawns, and garden areas and so on.

Lutyens Bungalows are those posh-plushed homes built by the name of British Officer and currently there are over 1,000 of such in the LBZ. In this 65 are the owned private by the officers and the remaining is allotted to top politicians and bureaucrats. If we go to see the value of LBZ around- 254.5acres the price has gone up to 49,000crore in past 10 years, the value of the 995 acres occupied by government has grown form Rs 24,000crore to Rs 192,000crore based on the current market rates.

There are number of former officers who have not vacated their house which includes A Raja, Mukul Roy, Dayanidhi Maran , Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi ,Rajya Sabha MP Murli Deora and RJD chief minister Lalu Prasad Yadav.

All the ministers who have to vacate or has not vacated form long been given time till June 26 by the UDD to vacate their bungalows and has said that this time only ministers will be given Lutyens bungalow.


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