FSI incresed for redevelopment in CRZ areas

By Staff Reporter
In an attempt to ease the burden on CRZ areas especially Slums and Cessed buildings in the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) will get the same benefit of FSI as per R1 and R2 zones under DCR.
Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) formally relaxing the restrictions in CRZ areas, it also defined the FSI that would be allowed in these areas. When the proposal was cleared two months ago, the Centre had not made its stance clear on the FSI issue.
Owing to CRZ restrictions, the FSI was limited to 1 for all dwelling units in this area. However, now slums being redeveloped under the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme will be entitled to an FSI of 2.5, while cessed buildings will get 2.5 FSI or 50% incentive FSI, whichever is higher.
In the Marine Lines and Kalbadevi areas, where developers are keen to implement cluster redevelopment scheme, the FSI allowed is 4. “Our cluster redevelopment scheme is for 233 acres, of which 82 acres falls under CRZ. Now we can think of buying properties in these areas as well for the scheme,’’ said Mayank Gandhi, spokesperson, Remaking of Mumbai Federation.
However, the state government will now have to think of ways to fund the redevelopment of these schemes. The MoEF has set a pre-condition that all development in CRZ areas must be through a joint venture between the state and a private party, with the government stake being 51%.
Minister of state for housing, Sachin Ahir, said the state government will be taking cognizance of MoEF’s note on relaxing some of the CRZ norms for development in the coastal areas in Mumbai. “The MoEF announcement on its website is in a draft form and not final,’’ he said while announcing his ministry’s plans to study the area in detail before going in for affordable housing.
“We have to find out how many cessed buildings, dilapidated buildings and slums come under the purview of new norms before we make any detailed plans,’’ Ahir said.
“From our initial findings, we know that there are around 4,000 dilapidated buildings and 200 slums in the coastal areas, but a thorough study must be done before we can initiate any action,’’ he added.
The minister reiterated the government’s earlier announcement that they will allow only those redevelopment projects where Mhada has a 51% stake.
Civic sources said that almost 38% of the city falls under the CRZ, which covers localities from Colaba, Girgaum, Mahim all the way up to Gorai.

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4 thoughts on “FSI incresed for redevelopment in CRZ areas

  1. want to know more about the crz2 norm in mahim west. so pls let me know the same ASAP.

    Vishwajeet singh


    Recently on August 29,2011, we had landslide on our building and 40 families had to vacate their flat.

  3. As of September 2013 How much FSI and Fungible FSI is available in CRZ 2 of South Mumbai Colaba to private redeveloper under modified DCR and MOEF regulations?
    How true and real is rule stating that whatever is allowed in Non CRZ area is also available in CRZ 2 ?

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