FSI under Section 33 of Revised Draft DCR 2034 for Mumbai : Its raining FSI

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Various FSI permissible under different provisions of new Revised Draft DCR 2034 of Mumbai as :

33 (1) Additional FSI to Religious building : Basic FSI plus .5

33 (2) Buildings of Medical and Educational Institutions and Other Institutional Buildings covered under Regulation (2) (iv)(17)(g): Total FSI 4 including basic FSI.

33(3) Buildings of Government/MCGM/Statutory Bodies, Semi-Government and PSU Offices: Total FSI 5 including basic FSI.

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10 thoughts on “FSI under Section 33 of Revised Draft DCR 2034 for Mumbai : Its raining FSI

  1. I am interested to know: (1) what was the FSI for Vasant Vihar area Thane, in 2002 (2) any increase done since then (3)the current FSI applicable (4) any increase in FSI in the pipe line. (for private plots only)

  2. We are in Tenanted building, situated near KHAR station west, our landlord is a contractor, purchased this building from Charitable trust few years back. We are in talk for redevelopment since he bought property. Would like to know exactly what can expect area wise, earlier it was 1+1, fsi.

  3. @ Bodhwaniji. Lot of other parameters need to be studied, such as age of original construction, whether your building is located in a CRZ zone, whether any area is reseeved. Size of plot also matters.

    Assuming that no area is reserved, area is not governed by any CRZ rules.. You can consider a fsi of 2.7 ( inclusive of Fungible ).

    Do note age of the construction is also important.

    Hope it helps.

    Regards, wishing everyone Happy Diwali ????

  4. what is the FSI in Ghatkopar(West)-LBS Marg, Near Shreyas cinema.Bldg under cooperative housing society.plot area is 707 yards.bldg more than 50 yrs old.gr + 2 floors.

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