Furniture Concepts in Modern Homes

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Smart and chic furniture is what complements a modern home in today’s world. It doesn’t matter the house is big or small, compact furniture is the in-thing today. Compact furniture helps in the efficient use of space and bring a sophistication to the rooms.

Following this style, the furniture honchos of the world like Ikea and Heal’s are coming up with unique furniture concepts to boost the sense of space and help owners enjoy the potential of their home to the fullest.

In this article, we have listed down some of the interesting concepts exclusive for you

Modular Sofa:

A modular sofa is also known as a sectional sofa. The fact that it lets you choose the number of units as per the living spaces have made modular sofa sets extremely popular worldwide. They are ideal for small homes which need efficient use of space. The corner set-up not only makes efficient use of space, it also gives a cosy feeling to the room.

Sofa/ Dining table:

You must have heard about sofa which doubles up as a bed, but have you heard about sofa which doubles up as a dining table? Yes, it is a new style. The cushions of the sofa double up as cushions of the table. A smaller version can be used as a stool/ coffee table.

 An under-counter table:

Well, we cannot think of a life without laptops, can we? And in most cases, the lonely laptop has no specific place to stay. An under-counter table is a solution to this problem. You can fix it to the dining space or your coffee table and simply slide it out when you want to work. It will be like your personal workspace hidden from the eyes of others. If you have a small dining space in the kitchen, this can be a great option. You can have a snack while working, without disturbing anything around you.

Compact dining table:

While the dining table is something which you can’t do without, traditional dining tables take a lot of space. These days since most urban homes are fighting for space, dining tables have become compact. These dining tables have compact chairs which fit below the dining table to form one closed unit. This way, they remain compact when not in use opening up more living space.

 Fold down table:

No matter your house is big or small, fold-down tables are stylish – period. They make space look cleaner and are high on utility. You can store anything in the cabinet. A solid coloured fold down table would look elegant in your living or drawing room.

Coffee/ Dining table:

This one is no surprise. If you have a modular dining table, you can fold it down to convert it into a coffee table. This way you can save up a lot of space. Similarly, a six-seater table can be folded down to a four-seater or a two-seater table to save space.

Dual Purpose Pieces:

Dual purpose pieces are stylish yet space savings. A sofa which doubles up as a bed is the most common one. If your walls are white, choose bright colours for the fabric to bring in an element of contrast. You can also think of a bench which is also a shoe rack or a shoe rack which doubles up as a ladder. These unfussy pieces of furniture are great for giving a room a western look.

Wall bed and sofa:

Both sofa and bed occupy an awful amount of space. But they are the two most essential furniture in a house. Why not combine the two? This is exactly what many furniture makers have done nowadays. The bed folds up against the back wall of the sofa which can be taken down once you want to sleep on it.

Under the stair storage:

Do you have a staircase leading up to another floor? Then you must have heard about under the stair storage. However, in most cases, this is used as a shoe cabinet or to store extra supplies or ignored items of the house. Instead, if you make a proper cabinet under the stairs, you can use it as a cupboard for extra garments, woollens or even extra groceries from the kitchen.

Stair Drawers:

These are ideal for smaller homes where storage is a big problem. Convert the bottom two-three stairs into drawers. This will not harm the movement up and down the staircase in any way yet still provide you with some extra space to store those winter coats or old books.

Windows blinds/ Clothes drying rack:

We all know that windows are the best place to dry clothes. Have you ever considered putting up windows blinds which also double as clotheslines? These are of great utility – solves the problem of drying clothes and lighting up of the room in a single go.

Ironing Board/ Mirror:

Tired of finding a place to keep your ironing board? This might be the right solution for it. Fix a mirror on the side of the ironing board that you don’t use for ironing and voila, you have a mirror which you can use. The ironing board will not be a problem anymore.

Bunk Bed:

Bunk beds are not just fun and space saving, they are trendy too. They are not a new concept but have come back in style of late. If you have children or teenagers at home, bunk beds are ideal ways to bring out extra space. However, you will have to resolve the fights about who gets to sleep on the other bunk.

Bookshelf/ Seating space:

What is a bookshelf, if you don’t have enough space to sit and read a book. Combine a bookshelf with a seating bench so that you can do both together. All you need is to incorporate a small stool into the bookshelf to achieve this.

The opportunities provided by modern furniture is unlimited. Whatever is the size of your living space, you will definitely find furniture to complement it.

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