Gadkari launches Green Plantation Drive on 15,00km of National Highways

nitin gadkari launches green plantation

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Nitin Gadkari launches initial plantation drive on 1,500 km of National Highways under Green Highways Project 

Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping Shri Nitin Gadkari launched the initial plantation drive on 1,500 km of National Highways at a cost of about Rs 300crore under the National Green Highways Mission in New Delhi. The launch was announced at a workshop orgnized by the National Green Highways Mission on the theme “Green Highways Projects: Way Ahead.   Speaking on the occasion Shri Gadkari said that the greening project has a huge potential to generate jobs and can prove to be a game-changer for agriculture and rural economy. Greening of one km of highway provides employment to ten people. Today’s launch of 1,500 km under the Mission will employ 15,000 people. The Minister further said that the project may even be linked with the NREGA scheme. Under the Green Highways Project, the government has made it mandatory to set aside 1 per cent of the total project cost of any NH contract to a Green Fund corpus that will be used for plantation purposes. The afforestation is expected to help in sequestering approximately 12 lakh mt carbon annually.

The Guidelines document, developed by National Green Highways Mission is in compliance to the directives of Green Highways Policy (GHP) 2015 issued by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. The document incorporates the recommendations of the GHP and acts as a comprehensive roadside plantation and management manual.

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