Who would believe that Goa, once a tourist haven, a hype of fashion, a flamboyant and vibrant state of music, culture and scenic and oceanic beauty is dwindling to lack of inspiration and neglect ?
If one remembers the Goa of yesteryears. The hotels and beaches were full to capacity. The yearly festival of Goa was celebrated with a gusto and the crowd it attracted, was national & international. With a steady influx of tourists and a healthy foreign exchange what has led to its deterioration.
Political instability, bureaucratic meddling and lack of funds(?) are the reasons quoted for this predicament.
On the other hand Ashok Nath, Chief Secretary, Goa defends the situation and confidently says that proper measures are being taken to boost tourism and also lure investors to restore Goa to its old self again.
Goa’s neighbouring state Kerala is proving to be a major competitor with better tourism boost and tourism infrastructure.
Positive steps should be taken if atall Goa is to stand up again on its feet. Projects proposed earlier to boost tourism never took off. For reasons best known to the GDTC or the state Government. To boost tourism. Better infrastructure and transport
A foundation for Paryatan Bhavan was laid outside Panaji by the Goa Govt. The cost of construction for this tourists centre is estimated as Rs. 600 cr. and will house information counters for tourism and handicraft centres for 15 states.
A golf course, casinos, cruise railway and more attention to land tourism than beach tourism. Though the tourism department officials sound confident in visualising a brighter future for Goa then it should make positive approach towards the promotion of cultural tourism and boosting the local festival of SHIGMO to attract more festive mob.

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