Goa, tourist hotspot becomes new realty hub

By Accommodation Times Bureau

Goa: The most preferable tourist spot Goa among the Indian as well as foreigners is now became a realty destination for home seekers. In past couple of years city has witnessed of rise in property demands.
According to the several markets experts, Goa is luring to the investors from across the globe. And it is mostly the eminent class who are tempted to buy property in the picturesque locales of Goa. He added that the number of property transactions has been increased by 30% relatively with the previous year.
Similarly, realtors from the different cities of Goa have also expressed the same view that in Goa from last couple of years demand for property is constantly increasing.
As far as realty projects are concern Goa is coming up with large number of projects residential as well as commercial not only in Goa but in outskirts also witnessed of several new realty projects. Capital values of apartments across the city has witnessed and average escalation of 15-20% during past 6-8 months whereas the rental values of apartments have noted an increase up to 50% during the same period

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