GoM can earn revenue of Rs 1 lakh crore

By Accommodation Times Bureau
States, MLA Shri M.P. Lodha to CM proposing that MHADA properties should be constructed by private players for benefit of 5 lakh residents of Mumbai
Mumbai, October 12, 2012: The Member of Legislative Assembly, Shri Mangal Prabhat Lodha has proposed to the Government of Maharashtra that the policy of affordable housing needs to be reviewed. He proposed that the participation of private players should be encouraged to bid for the constructions of affordable housing instead of MHADA taking it at its own to ensure better revenues to the exchequer as well as to improve the quality of construction.
In a special meeting of MLAs, ShriLodha submitted a detailed proposal to ShriPrithvirajChavan, Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He pressed upon the fact that if the government adopts public auction system for constructing MHADA’s houses, the government can get revenues up to Rs 1 lakh crore.
The meeting was called upon to address the plea of about 5 lakh people residing in dilapidated buildings of MHADA. ShriLodha said, “It is important to bring in new regulations for construction of the affordable housing. This will enable better quality of homes along with reduction in the corrupt practices of awarding contracts bringing in greater transparency. Project timelines will be adhered with and timely completion of projects will be ensured.Moreover, huge amounts of penalties can be recovered on violations of DCR norms.”
ShriLodha further stated that due to stringent norms of current Development Control Rules, about 56 MHADA’s redevelopment projects are stalled. It is also causing troubles for about 5 lakh residents of 3,700 MHADA colonies. He suggested that the MHADA is a trusted name amongst the home seekers in the city and to protect its dignity, it is essential that instead MHADA constructing the projects, they should be handed over to the private players to improve the situation.

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