Govt implements decentralised Swachh Bharat Mission in urban areas

By Accommodation Times News Services

Swach BharatGovernment has set an investment target of Rs 42,512 crore from the private sector in the overall Rs 62,000-crore project, for all the states, Union territories and the urban local bodies for proposing and approving projects under the Swachh Bharat Mission. Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has preferred this decentralisation to augment capacities of urban local bodies (ULBs), besides enabling quicker implementation of the Mission, under which cleanliness is to be ensured by the year 2019.

The central government is more keen in build public toilets for citizens, for this government will provide an incentive of Rs 4,000 for each individual household toilet to be built, 40 per cent as grant or viability gap fund for community toilets and 20 per cent grant/VGF for solid waste management projects.

Public toilets will be built entirely with private investment, the release said.

According to the government, to finance building of public toilets, states and ULBs would identify land and leverage the same and advertisements to encourage private sector investments for construction and maintenance through PPP agreement.

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