Govt Panel set up to develop a model to use construction cess in rental house for labourers


By Accommodation Times Bureau

To utilize properly the construction cess of Rs 20,000 crore on the development of the rental houses for labourers, the housing ministry has set up a panel, which will develop a suitable model to suggest how the ministry can use the construction cess unprecedentedly in developing the rental housing for construction workers.

Obeying the order from the Prime Minister’s Office, a committee of 10 officials is being formed.Which had asked  to work on this in consultation with the labour ministry. The panel will have to present the report in three months.

Just a few days back, a government appointed working group of experts on migration had asked the Centre and states to make use of the cess for building houses for the construction labourers.

According to the reliable government reports, nearly Rs 25,500 crore has been collected as construction cess till 2015 for welfare of the construction labourers and those working in kilns.

Merely Rs 5,367 crore has been spent from this . Even the Supreme Court had earlier crucified both Centre and state governments for making this fund useless and redundant

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