Govt to discuss Land Acquisition Bill in Lok Sabha next week

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Rajya SabhaBJP led government has decided not to introduced the controversial land acquisition bill in Lok Sabha and has decided to take it up next week amid talks that it could be referred to joint committee of Parliament.

The bill was listed for being taken up in the House on Friday. However, in the morning it was removed from the list of business. With the NDA yet to resolve the issue of adequate numbers in Rajya Sabha to pass the bill as most non-NDA parties remaining opposed to it, Government is moving cautiously on the issue.

“It’s a suggestion,” a senior Union minister said when asked about the possibility of referring the land bill to a joint committee of Parliament after introduction. Government earlier had plans to bring the bill in Lok Sabha as it was seeking to give another push to the controversial bill despite not having the numbers in the Upper House.

The bill, was passed by Lok Sabha in March, could not be taken up in the Rajya Sabha following which the related Ordinance had to be re-promulgated after proroguing the Upper House. A copy of the re-promulgated ordinance was placed in the Lok Sabha on April 20 and in Rajya Sabha on April 23, the opening days of both the Houses in the second phase of the budget session.

As part of the plan, government has extended the session of Lok Sabha by three days, after a meeting of Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs. As per the sources government said that they will first make an attempt to get the bill passed in both Houses.

Indications were that if the government fails to notch up numbers in the Rajya Sabha, it may agree to a joint committee formula.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley is keen that the bill is passed in Rajya Sabha with a larger consensus, a minister said. The minister also downplayed the opposition by Congress to extension of the Budget session of Lok Sabha for three more days saying that there are at least 16 instances of extending or pre-ponding the session.

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