Green Affordable Homes: Future of Sustainable Real Estate Development


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By Accommodation Times News Service

Green Homes in layman’s language or today understood is a healthier, more comfortable more durable and more energy efficient and have a much smaller environment footprint than conventional homes.  Green homes have become more prevalent we have also seen the emergence of green affordable housing.  The idea of modern revolution of green homes begun way back in 1970s when the country was facing the increased price of oil. Many different organizations sprung up in the 1990s in order to promote green buildings and some were also dedicated to improving the knowledge of consumers so that they could have more green homes.  As the green building movement gains momentum so does the consumer demand for the greener properties. Today almost 2/3 of the buyers are paying attention to green homes and buildings where they recognize the link between the green properties, cost saving and healthy living.

This Green Home is now taking a tremendous significance because of the utmost importance of environment friendly development initiatives not only in the construction business but also in the housing development area alone. This has taken a concept of “Green Affordable Homes” where the governments of world are promoting various energy saving development initiatives.

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