Green Buildings to get more FARs in Delhi

By Accommodation Times News Service

Green buildings help you reduce the electricity bill, save water, good for environment and now there is another incentive. A recent announcement by the lieutenant governor is that green structure buildings may be allowed to get more Floor Area Ratio (FAR) compared to conventional buildings. FAR is the ratio of a buildings total floor area to the size of the land on which it is built which varies according to the size of the plot.  The lieutenant governor has asked all the agencies to convert maximum buildings into Eco-friendly structure as green buildings are playing a significant role in minimizing the carbon footprint of cities. They require less energy both fro cooling and heating. Increasing the FAR will be good incentive for people to switch top Eco-friendly buildings. The proposal drafted will be added to Delhi Master Plan 2020.

Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC) also recently recommended to the urban development ministry that the FAR for green buildings be increased by 1%. Chairman of DUAC said the two important features of our recent recommendations are that FAR is increased and 15% roof area being allowed to use if builders use roof-top solar photo voltaic panels. The Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) has become almost obligatory now so it shouldn’t be difficult to shift to green architect.

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