Griha – The mission for sustainability

By Pallavii Pitale

The “Green” mantra, Reduce, reuse and recycle is applicable for construction too.

TERI ( The Energy and Resources Institute ) has taken the responsibility of popularizing green building concept by developing a tool for measuring and rating a building’s environmental performance in the context of India’s varied climate and building practices which has been adopted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of India.

Griha – Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment is the national ‘”greenness” rating system of India. It’s a joint venture of TERI and The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.

This rating system assesses the resources and energy utilised by a project in comparison with national benchmarks. The aim is to ensure that the building addresses environmental issues in an integrated and scientific manner.

This means that the building uses very little non-renewable resources, while utilising these resources to the optimum when in use; to ensure maximum reuse, recycling of available resources, and utilising as much of renewable resources as possible.

By its qualitative and quantitative assessment criteria, Griha is able to ‘rate’ a building on the degree of its ‘greenness’. The rating is applicable to new buildings with varied functions i.e. commercial, institutional, and residential.

The following advantages can be earned by following the GRIHA rating system.

· Reduced energy consumption without sacrificing on the comfort levels
· Reduced destruction of natural areas, habitats, and biodiversity, and reduced soil loss from erosion etc.
· Reduced air and water pollution (with direct health benefits)
· Reduced water consumption
· Limited waste generation due to recycling and reuse
· Reduced pollution loads
· Increased user productivity
· Enhanced image and marketability

Over and about 40 projects have been registered with GRIHA . few of them are,
Hindustan Lever, Mumbai, Commonwealth Games Village, New Delhi, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, ITC hotel at Chennai, NIFT, Delhi etc.

“ Griha Evaluators and trainers programme “ has been organised at Hotel Katriya De Royal, Hyderabad, from 28th June 2010 to 30th June 2010. Jointly arranged by ADaRSH ( Association for Development and Research on Sustainable Habitats) and TERI, it is supported by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.

The programme is aimed at knowledge enhancement for the Green Buildings. The faculty comprising professionals from TERI and ADaRSH, The training is targeted at building professionals, architects, engineers, developers, and policy makers.

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