GRIHA SPARSH platform bridges the gap between economic viability and resource efficiency for green building concept

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New Delhi, February 27, 2017: As a build up to the upcoming 8th GRIHA Summit, the GRIHA team launched a green building mock-up – SPARSH, an integrated, life size model which endeavours to enhance user experience of a “Green Building” as part of its mandate to build awareness around the concept of green buildings among the masses. The model was inaugurated by Shri Pradeep Kumar Pujari, Secretary, Ministry of Power, GoI, at India Habitat Centre today.
Speaking on the momentous occasion Shri PK Pujari, Secretary, Ministry of Power, said, “SPARSH is a brilliant initiative to integrate green technologies for efficient green buildings. This would chart the way forward for all the future green buildings and address the issue of energy security and energy efficiency, as well.” He also shared that while there is a need to scale up the production of houses using this technology, the demand can only be generated through a shift in the mindset of the people. Therefore, there is an imminent need to popularise the idea.

The key features of SPARSH include the building envelope made on recyclable steel construction technique made by Galvalume alloy (Zi+Al+Si), water less and fast construction; building blocks that boast of acoustic and thermal insulation, fenestration made of recycled glass with a very high thermal resistance, state-of-the-art energy efficient lighting & appliances, and integrated operable sky-lighting to reduce artificial lighting, to facilitate thermal comfort by extracting hot air from top and reduce energy consumption by more than 60%; internal and external walls made-up of cement fiber boards and gypsum boards using the dry wall technique; Internal and external flooring built out of construction and demolition waste, post industrial waste, reducing the loads of landfill by 50%; Water efficient bathroom fixtures reduce the water consumption of the structure by more than 50% and a Solar PV panel that supplies renewable energy to the structure.

GRIHA through SPARSH aims to shape buildings that harness nature, concurrently building resource efficiency even as two-thirds of the buildings in 2030 are yet to be built. Through such inimitable and futuristic work, TERI has always been in the vanguard of green building concepts.

Congratulating the team for this feat, Dr Ajay Mathur, Director-General, TERI & President, GRIHA Council said, “SPARSH is an effort to bring an economically viable and structurally sound green building option to the masses. The cost of building a structure of any size on the SPARSH platform would be much less than the cost of traditional building of an equivalent size with similar amenities.” He also complimented the partners on this initiative who set-up the structure within 5 days pointing to the fact that this is a much faster way to build housing for all.

This integrated model would help people to understand how these individual features are employed to perform as a sustainable habitat. It would also give them a taste of the visual, thermal and acoustic comfort for a healthy living.

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