Growing demand for Second Home

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murari chaturvediSecond home concept is fast growing trend in real estate sector in the country. Emergence of second homes have benefitted the small towns near the metro cities and the concept have been responsible in such regions. Pune, Panvel, Alibaug, Goa, Murbad, Lonavala, Khardi, Shahpur and Wada are seeing faster development of second home projects. These projects are not only being developed in Maharashtra, but also in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi too witnessing increased activity in second home projects. Second homes also called weekend homes has always been around but was mostly restricted to the wealthy people. As the day-to-day in metro cities is getting hectic and stressful, people want to spend his holiday and relaxation with increasing affluence on the one hand and growing realization that there is a need for a relaxed lifestyle at least on weekends, the concept of second homes appears to be gaining popularity. More and more people seek for such second homes, which are located in beautiful surroundings. These second homes are often located in hilly areas or other such areas which can provide pleasant ambience, serenity and tranquility. In our country many places near metro-cities have developed and in process of development as second homes or holiday homes. In Chennai splendid second homes are available in areas like Yercaud near Salem and the Coastal Pondicherry. Many national and local developers offer houses suitable for people belonging to both middle class and upper class.  Yercaud is another excellent place to buy a second home. Mysore, the second largest city of Karnataka, is the most favorite place for buying second homes. Ooty is another popular place for buying second homes. Mumbai region is full of second home projects. Wada, Vajreshwari, Karjat, Alibaug and Lonavala are the most sought places by the Mumbaikar for second homes. Vajreshwari on the way to Wada has emerged as the most sought place with sulphur springs and mountains surrounding the place. Here second homes have just started taking shape and are affordable. Vizag is the second home investment location of choice for Hyderabad dwellers. The property rates have decent appreciation potential, pleasant weather and is in coastal region. Second home projects are having bright future and increasing demand. 

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