Gudi Padwa could not enhance buyer’s sentiments in Maharashtra

fallingindexBy Accommodation Times News Services

In spite of Registration Department decision to keep all Registrar working and office open to register properties in Maharashtra, a decrees of  approx 20% recorded. With a daily average of registration of 7400 documents, Registration Department could only achieve in registration of 5921 documents.

Huge advertisements in newspaper, radio and on digital media could not enhance sentiments of property buyer as they think that the property is still very highly priced. The sentiment is not understood by the state government and it has announced an increase of 5% of Stamp Duty Value in major cities of Maharashtra.

The Registration office were kept open to achieve target of 23,000 crore set up for current financial year. Affordable housing segments also seen a low. Actually, since last one week, documents were almost nil to be register because buyers wanted it to be register on Gudi Padwa day i.e. 28th March.

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