Gujarat High Court orders to file an FIR against “Stavan Alteza” Developers

Now, proposed society can approach court for redressal

By Accommodation Times Bureau


Ahmedabad, March 2nd , 2017: High court has ordered the Ananadnagar police station to file an FIR against the builder. The flat-buyer, who invested Rs. 70 lakh, came across a situation during taking the possession of the flat, realizing that the flat was also sold to another consumer. As promised by the developers to provide a new flat, Mihir Yagnik, the complainant realized the flat was sold to multiple consumers. As the market rate of the property had scaled-up after Mihir Yagnik’s purchase, the developers sold the same flat in much higher amount to other flat-buyers.

The developers offered Mr Mihir Yagnik an amount of Rs. 1.17 crore which was much higher than the initial amount which was paid for the flat. Mr Yagnik agreed to the deal, but the given cheques were dishounoured. Mr Yagnik then decided to take legal help against the developers for cumulative duped events and complaint regarding the issue to the police station, but the inspector denied to register an FIR as no such case worth the name was registered under FIR. Mr Yagnik then decided to approach High Court. The high court justice, J B Pardiwala declared that the case is complete case of cheating and that police officer should have not denied filing an FIR against the developers.

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