Haryana govt’s new policy to ease property transfer norms

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In a meeting of Haryana Housing Board, it has created a new policy to ease the norms for permitting transfer of houses and commercial property by paying necessary charges and fees.

This decision was taken at a meeting of the board held under chairmanship, said spokesperson of Haryana Housing Board.

The existing policies of the board will hamper the main objective of the board to provide affordable housing to the needful and also the existing policies does not consonance with the aims and objectives of “housing for all”, He said.

The transfer of tenancy right can be transferred to any person and it wouldn’t be restricted to blood relation only, Spokesperson said.

He further added, cases of transfers of dwelling units based on the general power of attorney (GPA) transactions, the attorney holder would have to provide an affidavit to the effect that GPA has not been cancelled and allottee is alive.

The eligibility condition for transferee should be completed 18 years of age at the time of transfer, he said.

The Housing Board Haryana came into existence during the year 1971 in pursuance of the Haryana Housing Board Act (Act No. 20 of 1971). The main objective of the Board is to construct houses for allotment to the public in accordance with the guidelines issued by the State Government and the prescribed procedure.




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