HC directed to DDA auction remaining CWG flats

BY Accommodation Times Bureau

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has strictly directed to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to auction the remaining 711 common wealth games village flats.
On this Tuesday Delhi High Court has passed the directive and rejected the DDA’s request to dispose of the remaining premium flats.
The justice bench headed by the Hima Kohli said that, “This court makes it amply clear that there would be no wishful ‘disposing of’ the flats and the DDA will only be able to auction these flats and get the revenue.”
However, the DDA has recently auctioned 110 flats of CWG village, targeting to decide the fixed price for the left flats. Following to this scenario the remaining flats were to be “disposed of”.
On Tuesday, while hearing the matter High Court has also asked the sub-registrar and developer Emaar MGF to resolve the issue of ascertaining the stamp duty to be paid on the sale deeds of the flats “as expeditiously as possible”.
Justice Kholi asked to Emaar counsel to publish on its website, and also inform flat owners by e-mail and post, the value of the stamp duties payable by them so that the owners knew the exact value of the stamp duties.

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