HC directed to Delhi Govt. to set rules for unauthorized sacred structures

By Accommodationtimes (www.accommodationtimes.com)

New Delhi:
Recently, the Delhi High Court has directed to Delhi government to set a guidelines to tackle with the encroachment and unauthorized sacred structures.
The Delhi HC has set the two months time frame from preparing guidelines. However, government has also explained the important points it has proposed to the Religious Committee to decide on the representations and applications moved by civic agencies or private parties.
The bench of justice headed by the hima Kohli said that, “if guidelines are not prepared within the time-frame then, essential steps shall be taken by the government to formulate the same within a period of two months under intimation to the Religious Committee for perusal.”
The Justice Hima Kholi also directed to government that it has to file statement in tabular form on the number of applications received by the Religious Committee, both by civic authorities and private parties. How many meeting has held in the last one year should be included in the statement and the relevant dates and also the number of decisions taken on the references received by it,” said the court.

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