Heritage Sites in Maharashtra

Structural conservation, chemical preservation, environmental development and maintenance of centrally protected monuments are attended to by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) regularly. Yearly programmes are drawn up for it and implemented by the 24 circles and 5 Regional Directors of ASI spread across the country. A list of the ASI protected Forts / Palaces in Maharashtra alongwith the funds allocated for their conservation and maintenance during the current financial year (2009-10) is given at the Annexure.
Rajmata Jijau’s historical palace at Pachad near Raigarh Fort is a centrally protected monument under the jurisdiction of Mumbai Circle of ASI. During 2006, a portion of wall of one of the structures situated inside the wada had collapsed and was reconstructed as per original. During 2008, a small portion of northern and southern arms of the fortification wall of the monument had fallen which were also reconstructed as per original.
An expenditure of Rs.18.36 lakhs has been incurred, during past 3 years, on the conservation of the monument.

(Amount in Rupees)

Sl. No. Name of Forts / Fortress Allocation for 2009-10
1. Balapur Fort at Balapur, Distt. Akola 78,990
2. Narnala Fort at Narnala, Distt. Akola 15,67,780
3. Govilgarh Fort at Chikaldara, Distt. Amravati 1,19,390
4. Daultabad Fort, Daultabad, Distt. Aurangabad 18,59,200
5. Fort at Pratapgarh, Distt. Bhandara 21,300
6. Pauni Fort at Pauni, Distt. Pauni 52,950
7. Fort wall at Ballarpur, Distt. Chandrapur 30,000
8. Fort at Bhandak, Distt. Chandrapur 37,900
9. Fort wall at Wairagarh, Distt. Gadchiroli 31,000
10. Fort on Hill at Biwargarh, Distt. Nagpur 49,910
11. Fort at Dongartal, Distt. Nagpur 36,480
12. Fort at Paunar, Distt. Wardha 50,470
13. Kolaba Fort, Alibagh 38,00,000
14. Agakhan Palace, Pune 13,75,000
15. Sholapur Fort at Sholapur 14,13,000
16. Korlai Fort, Distt. Raigad 18,89,000
17. Agarkot at village Agarkot tal Alibag, Distt. Raigad 19,00,000
18. Sion Fort, Mumbai 10,00,000
19. Sindhudurg Fort at Malvan 32,00,000
20. Panala Fort at Panala 8,00,000
21. Jijamata Wada, Distt. Raigad 18,50,000
22. Janjira Fort at Rajapuri 15,81,000
23. Bassein Fort at Thane 33,99,000
24. Arnala Fort, Vasai 5,00,000
25. Lohagad Fort, Pune 7,11,000
26. Aurangzeb Fort at Manchur 14,07,000
27. Shaniwarwada, Pune 8,17,000

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