High Court says redevelopment not possible for 30 year old Cidco buildings

dilapidated building 4

By Accommodation Times News Service

The Bombay High Court has ordered a stay on the 30 years old eligibility provision in the government order of redevelopment of Cidco constructed buildings in the city.

The order goes this way that the tenants need to get the requisite certificate of dilapidation from the state designated committee if they wish to demolish or redevelop the building. This very committee includes the Municipal Commissioner, NMMC, city engineer, chief architect and planner of cidco, joint deputy director of town planning at Konkan Bhavan and PWD superintendent engineers. The identification of these dilapidated buildings however will have to be done by the committee under the chairmanship of the municipal commissioner. The stay order was issued following a writ petition filed by Sandeep Thakur a social activist say, the government GR issue in February states that all 30 year old building built by CIDCO irrespective of whether they are dilapidated or not will be considered dilapidated. The high court has stayed the order and said the dilapidated condition of the building has to be certified by a government appointed committee. If the committee says that the building can be restored through repairs and maintenance there will be no question of redevelopment. The benefit of redevelopment is under the notification specifics the committee. Unless the committee certifies it the building cannot be develop.


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