High court warns the state against illegal sale of flats in SR schemes

A division bench of Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice S.C.Dharmadhikari of the Bombay High Court has asked the State Government of Maharashtra to give details about the action taken against the slum dwellers who sell off their flats allotted to them in the rehabilitation Schemes.

Recently, the court was hearing PIL by, Janhit Manch , who highlighted one such incidence of rehabilitation of slum dwellers from Sanjay Gandhi National Park to the area of Chandivali.

The judges have observed that out of the 3000 such flats allotted to people under various slum rehabilitation Schemes, about 531 flats are locked and unused, about 329 flats are given on lease, around 48 flats on the ground floor have been converted into shops and about 34 flats are sold to others. In spite of the SRA rules stating that such flats can only be sold after 10 years, these flats have been sold or leased or converted in commercial units.

The Slum Rehabilitation Authority has informed the court that they require some time to do a survey about these cases and shall take the action against the one’s who are found guilty. The High Court had recommended a separate panel for taking action against such matters.

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2 thoughts on “High court warns the state against illegal sale of flats in SR schemes

  1. all political persons are fraud . it is my hearts words.Some poor slum sale or given his or her flat to other for some money why r u saying it is fault. u see every govt service men taking extra money from poor people any how. So poor slum sale their flats . no problem.Rich men makes their law for their profit & poor nothing.

  2. i agree with you. i live in slums so i know slum culture. if a person needs mainly for marriage of daughter , setting business for self / son or clearing debts sell their room for solving biggest problems of their life and for fulfilling responsibilities. all our savings we put in buying a room and selling room is final option when we need money. if this option is closed needy families will be ruined. can this big think tanks under stand the trauma of having unmarried daughter or jobless son at home for lack of funds. buy selling flat one can get off their needs and buy another room where it is cheaper. Most of the younger generation of slums are tax payers as they are working in offices and taxes are cut from their salaries.

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