Hike in price of Bricks can pinch the property rates

By Accommodation Times News Service

The rise in the price of bricks from Rs 3,600 to Rs 6,200 per thousand bricks can pinch the dream of buying the dream house in the near future. Known fact is that bricks are an important component in the construction of any building any hike in the prices will definitely hike the price in houses. Industry experts say that the rise comes after the brick kilns halted their production due to the new norms in procuring permission from the ministry of environment.

The Noida Building Contractors Association has written a complain to the district magistrate for an early of the problem as the contractors have stopped work at the sites as they cannot bear the loss because once the production starts then only the price will decline. Under the new norms environment clearances is required even for mining in less than 5 hectares of land. Following all the bricks kilns are closing down. The State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) has written to the ministry of environment and forests suggesting simplification of norms for bricks kilns. It may be recalled that for realty projects having greater than 50 hectares, a clearances from the ministry is required. For projects less than 50 hectares the SEIAA is empowered to give clearances.

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