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Atul Shah REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER AND CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL having a Quality and Project management professional with over Twenty Five years of professional experience in Project construction , Real estate Development etc in conversation with Nimisha Gupta 

Q1. Is it important to check the structural audit of the society?

Ans. Yes it is very important


Q2. To examine the buildings do one need different structural engineer or PMC is enough?

Ans. I suggest structural engineer to do audit


Q3. Why a Project Management Consultant is important to society?

Ans. Since they are professional agencies and knows what is the best for the society, how to plan and execute the project and what are the resources required.


Q4. Is a PMC mandatory for society?

Ans. It is the guideline given by the government to hire a Project Management Consultant


Q5. What work does a PMC handles in the entire process of re-development?

Ans. Carrying out structural Audit: – to ensure redevelopment passing general body resolution for redevelopment should be passed in AGM to go for redevelopment. At least 15% members consent is required to start the process of redevelopment at the time of final decision 75% members consent is required

Preparation of financial feasibility report: – A feasibility report shall be prepared by studying existing building plans, consumed FSI, carpet area of existing members & available TDR/ additional FSI benefits. A report will be submitted by the society stating in the maximum benefits the members can demand from the developers.

Preparation of tender to invite offers from developers. – Preparation of Tender document, “Tender” is a crucial document, which is to be designed meticulously to avoid any kind of misunderstanding/argument during the course of project.  It shall contain an agreement; various information’s to bidder, technical specifications, general conditions, and detailed specifications which makes it easier to evaluate the offers received since they are given on the same base.


Preparation of comparative chart of developers: – A chart showing the comparative analysis of all the offers shall be prepared to get the idea of the best offer received. Ranking shall be given to developers.

Finalization of developer on the basis of report given by the consultant: – On the basis of ranking , the projects carried out by the developers shall be Inspected , their market reputation shall be checked and accordingly the best developer shall be recommended to the society.

Preparation of development agreement: – While preparation of development agreement between society and developer inputs shall be given in terms of technical clauses which would Safe guard the interest of the society and safety of the project.

Finalization of building plans: – The plans of proposed building prepared by the developers shall be verified in respect of planning, carpet area, area calculations, legalization and authorization of the area allotted to the members.

Vacating the building after the builder obtains the necessary permission.:- The care is taken that the necessary permissions are obtained and legal formalities are fulfilled to secure the project by the developer before he ask the members to vacant the premises, so that the project doesn’t stuck up after demolition of the building.

Demolition and reconstruction of building:- After demolition and during construction of building the regular inspection is carried out to check the quality and speed of the construction.

Possession and occupation of building: – During construction of building co- ordination with the developer shall be done to see that all the formalities for the occupation of the building are fulfilled and members get possession with the occupation certificate.


Q6. Who pay the fees of a PMC- builder or society?

Ans. If it is being recruited by society then society should pay and it is advisable also.


Q7. What are the procedures for redevelopment of buildings which are rented? What is the maximum FSI they get?


Offer letter to the society

Terms and conditions with the society

Agreement with the society

Sanction from MCGM in favour of the society

Loading of TDR in the society’s name

Obtaining the IOD

Shifting of the members

Demolition of the building

Obtaining the CC

Construction of the new building

Obtaining the OC

Shifting the old members

fsi depends on area wise and scheme wise.


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  1. Quality of available PMC is very poor, having no knowledge of existing rules and regulations . purpose is only to make money by taking advantage of ignorance of members of housing societies. Instead society should appoint individual architect, civil engineer and legal advisor who will provide better services .

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