History of Mumbai Regional Plan and FSI thereof

mmrdaregionalplanBy Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD

The B.M.C. Act was enacted in 1888 giving rise to Local Self Government. This was the first attempt to regulate the functioning of the City in a planned manner.

After ‘the plague of 1896’, quarter of the population deserted Mumbai. The city faced commercial extinction. In order to improve hygienic conditions BMC was compelled to provide proper drainage, clean water and planned reclamation.

Towards this Mumbai City Improvement Trust was established in 1898. This was the first attempt to undo the evils of unplanned development in the City.

From the beginning of the 20th Century, the City saw many measures to fight the ills of unchecked migration and allow development in a planned manner.

  1. The Mumbai Town Planning Act was enacted in 1915. Under the obligatory provisions of this Act, various Town Planning schemes were framed by the B.M.C. for the city and local Municipal Councils from Bandra to Borivali and Ghatkopar.
  2. The Mumbai Development Department was established in 1920.
  3. The Bombay Development Department (BDD) undertook massive housing schemes in the City what is now known as BDD Chawls and also reclamation at Backbay.
  4. After independence there was heavy influx to the city. The network of roads and other infrastructural facilities considerably helped the growth of industries, business and trade. The Mumbai Housing Board was established in 1949 mainly to provide cheap housing to industrial workers.
  5. First major effort of urban planning was the Modak Meyor Master Plan of 1948. Mumbai’s overall growth was the ultimate aim.
  6. As the city became too congested, the limits of the city were first extended in 1950 to cover the area of suburbs i.e. H&K Wards in Western Suburbs and L, M, N Wards in the Eastern Suburbs. Later on in 1957 the extended suburbs consisting of P&R Wards in the West and T Ward in the East added.
  7. In 1954, a compulsory legislation was passed empowering M.C.G.B.N. to undertake slum clearance in Bombay.
  8. The Mumbai Town Planning Act of 1954 replaced the earlier Act of 1915. The New Act made it obligatory for local authorities to prepare the Development Plans for the areas administered by them within the stipulated period in addition to the preparation of the Town Planning Schemes.
  9. The Mumbai Town Planning Act, 1954 was replaced by a modified Act named Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act, 1966, which covered the enactment’s keeping in view the regional aspects of its development ad growth.
  10. This paved way to the First Development Plan of 1964.

It was the Regional Plan for BMR (1971-90), that for the first time, the housing situation in Region as a whole was assessed. The principal recommendations of the Regional Plan were,

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