Hoardings are restricted in mangroves, CRZ-I areas: MCZMA

By Accommodation Times (www.accommodationtimes.com)

Recently, the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority (MCZMA) has said that hoardings will not be placed in mangroves and no-development area or eco-sensitive coastal areas such as CRZ- I and CRZ-III areas.
According to the proposed rule in case of violation of rule there is penalty of Rs.2L per annum. However, hoardings are permitted in CRZ II areas and in the landward side of places falling under CRZ III.
As per the fresh BMC records there are approx 2300 hoardings across the city (Mumbai) which is the highest number through out the Maharashtra state. The Mahim Causeway has the highest density of hoardings and a number of them are on the shore. Mumbai has around 5,800 hectares of land classified as mangroves.
The senior officials has said that, authorities have released the order following to the several applications has been received seeking permission for planting hoardings in the CRZ areas.

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