Holiday Home Concept of the Year: 31st National Real Estate Awards

NathanGoaBy Accommodation Times Team

Mr Agnelo Cardoso, Chairman & Managing Director of Nathan Constructions Pvt Ltd and Mr Mark  and his team to receive the award. One of the finest hotel Nathan constructed. They have been constantly upgrading customer satisfaction in Holiday Home Concepts. Nathan Construction is a company that has endeavored with great success to marry these two forces: namely the brilliant idea of a Dream Home and the aspiration for an ideal exotic location such as Goa. Nathan Constructions assumes that no stone will be left unturned to fulfil your aspirations for a Dream Home and that


no compromises will be made to facilitate such discerning tastes. This website unfolds for you the pathway that we at Nathan Constructions take to facilitate the concretization of your Dream Home.

We all have an idea of what our house would look like if we had a limitless budget at our disposal. Upon commissioning the building of a house, the client begins with a plot of land and project. Then come the hitches and details: the land is particularly steep; the house must accommodate a family yet also meet the requirements of Friday evening dinner parties; the home needs to be practical as well as being in harmony with the surrounding landscape… Viewed from the position of the client, the architect must carry out their wishes and, technical difficulties aside, transform them into a dream house.

Once the shell has been built, the interior can be furnished with well chosen, attractive furniture which takes an architectural function and helps to distribute spaces;


they are not merely a series of individual objects but contribute to the spatial layout and beyond its practicality, define both the exterior and interior architectural space. A stylistic nexus in which the pieces fit together harmoniously to create a masterful and decorative mosaic, open to adaptatio

n. The home thus becomes a living being, reshaping itself to the changing needs of its inhabitants.

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