Housing Rights

By Murari Chaturvedi

Housing rights is the most crucial and fundamental right and must be supported. This is the basic need of all human beings anywhere in the world. In fact housing right constitution the core of human rights. Scott Leckie is right when he says that when housing is understood as a place from which to build social relations influence the surrounding and create culture instead of purely as a building the social and political nature emerges. The indicators of the domestic recognition of this legal principal and an even broader range of national housing laws enshrine legal principles recognizing this demand and the constituent elements of housing rights explicitly as human rights. National Campaign for Housing Rights (NCHR) considers it as an industrial, urban-biased high technology –capital investment model, primarily favouring the corporate sector, builders etc. against the interests of the inadequately housed and homeless and therefore demanding its withdrawal. It is of vital importance to give shelter protection to women. They must also be involved in the planning and decision making phases of housing projects. The most critical issue for all women is right to tenure. These are usually given to men on the assumption that they head the households without right to land. Women are often unable to protect themselves and their children against unstable or violent domestic situations. The rules must correct this wrong most situation. In the era of economic liberation it is most essential to liberate them to the masses and give them their foundation the housing rights. This is the first step in solving the acute housing and settlement problems. If one owns a property he/she should be able to dispose of at market rate. On July 20, 1994 the division bench of the Supreme Court in the Julubhai Nijbbe Kacher and other versus the state of Gujarat case held that state can acquire land at any prices it fixes, while the power of the sate to acquire private properties for public good has always been acknowledge the quantum of compensation to be paid in such cases is more often a source of controversy. In the light of the fact when the government is charging every rupee with interest from the public for the infrastructure facilities (roads, bridges, flyovers etc) by way of toll, where is the justification to pay a pittance as compensation.

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