Housing Society’s flat owners may move to court for help

By Accommodation Times (www.accommodationtimes.com)

NOIDA: The flat owners of cooperative housing society may move to court for help as Noida Authority have been charged them under hefty fines for unable to register their housing units on time. According to the flat owners, the Noida Authority has alleged that they haven’t registered their houses. As owners have missed the deadline of 25th Jan which has been fixed by the Apex court on inability to submit completion certificate mandatory for home registration.
President of Federation of RWAs of Sector 62, S M Singh said that “there are several societies those still haven’t done with the issuing of completion certificate whereas members have purchased flats decade back.”

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One thought on “Housing Society’s flat owners may move to court for help

  1. A very confusing report indeed. 

    If one is not mistaken,- the duty for procuring a ‘cc’ is that of the promoter/seller; so also, registration of the “owners’ association” . Ref. to ‘society’ is not understood; so far as one knows, the units constructed/sold in Noida are ‘apartments’ , not ‘flats’. Even under the law in Noida, just as elsewhere, for obvious reasons, that could not have been any different.
    The purchasers of units are really the victims of the failures of the promoters/sellers to discharge their duties; if so, report of the purchasers being charged hefty fines makes no sense, much less any legal sense.
    No ready reference or any details given for knowing as to which is that apex court’s direction made a mention of.
    The report hence calls for clarifications.
    Further, the factual position needs to be ascertained independently. To be so done, also because of the general importance / possible relevance of the matter for such communities in other states as well.

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