How have suburbs become an affordable housing hub from the industrial hub?

By Rohit Poddar, Managing Director of Poddar Housing and Development Ltd


The clouds of Mumbai suburbs have witnessed major changes in the past few years in terms of infrastructure and residential spaces. A decade back places like Ambernath, Badlapur were only known for the rapid presence of small and medium industries and now with the advent of industries, the city has been witnessing a plethora of job spurt. The changing scenario has resulted in the conversion of suburban’s image from an industrial hub to residential hub.

With the growing infrastructure, builders and developers are now investing more in residential space. The suburbs have been developed vastly, having amenities like technologically advanced hospitals, highly experienced doctors, better education option for kids like schools and colleges, entertainment and hangout spots like malls, restaurants and multiplexes. This is not only enhancing the lifestyle of the people and their culture but it is also setting a benchmark for a better standard of living.

If you take Mumbai, it is the best place for an investor to invest as well as the buyer to buy. For instance, people migrating to Mumbai for a job and higher education choose to live in suburbs, since owning a house anywhere in the western stretch is a farfetched idea for a person of medium to high income. Hence a solution to this is looking out for residential spaces that are not only affordable but convenient.

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