How to Pay Stamp Duty online in Maharashtra

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1)         Mortgagor /s / Property Owner /s should visit payment offiling fees INR 1000 at designated bank branches through generation of challan or e-payment options as mentioned below:


  • Visit
  • Under Categories select”PAYWITHOUT REGISTRATION”
  • Under payment mode select “E-payment or Payment acrossbank counter” (Cash / Demand Draft)
  1. 1.    Under E Payment mode “Payment of filing fees could be doneonline through designated bank’s”
  2. 2.    Under Payment across bank counter, “Payment of filing feescan be done through generation of challan accompanied withcash / demand draft at designated bank’s”
  • Under article code select “6 (1) – Agreement Relating to Deposit of Title Deed”
  • Under department select “INSPECTOR GENERAL OFREGISTRATION”
  • Under payment type select“REGISTRATION FEES”
  • Under district select “Relevant district where property is located”
  • Under office name select “Sub-Registrar Offices withinJurisdiction”
  • Under period year select “Relevant year of filing”
  • Under payment mode select “One time / Adhoc”
  • Under object amount of tax “Enter INR 1000”
  • Under Name “Enter name of mortgagor/property owner”
  • Under Property Details “Enter Survey/GATICTS/NO(Refer Index-2 /Agreement)
  • Undor Property Details “Enter Area(Sq.M / HEC) (Refer Index – 2IAgreement)
  • UndorProporty Details “Enter Locality & City”
  • Unoor Property Details “Enter Pin Code”
  • Under Party Name 2 insert “Axis Bank Ltd”
  • Select bank name for e-payment or payment across bankcounter (Cash I Cheque) at designated bank branches.
  • Automated filing fees payment challan would be generated
  • Print the challan
  • Visit designated bank’s for payment of challan& collectauthorized challan copy from the bank.



STEP – 2


2)         Post payment of filing fees/preparation of demand draft, Mortgagor /s Property Owner/s should visit generation of automated “Notice of Intimation regarding Mortgage by way of deposit of Title Deeds” & refer below instructions:

•    Visit

  • UnderOnline Facilities select”Public Data Entryfor Filing”
  • Start filing new entry.
  • Create your user name & password (Note: Password length mustbe minimum 8 characters & must contain at least one (capitalletter, small letter, special character and digit e.g.abcdA09@)
  • Under Start data entry select “Date of mortgage (DD I MM IYYYY) # Memorandum of entry for date”.
  • Under section “Mortgagee Details “MortgagorIslProperty Ownerto ensure below details are captured under relevant columns:
    • Name of Bank: Axis Bank Ltd
    • Bank Location: Ground floor, Axis House

Ø   TAN No: MUMU01693G

  • Loan details: (Disbursed amount)

Ø   Interest rate: (# Rate of interest as per accepted sanctionletter)

  • Under section “Mortgagor Details” MortgagorIslProperty Ownerto ensure below details are captured under relevant columns:
    • Select Party Type : (Individual I Organization)
  • ØName &Address of all Mortgagor/s/Property Owner/s(Select Add : Another party for multiple Mortgagor/s/Property Owner/s)
  • Under section “Property Details”Mortgagor /s/Property Ownerto ensure below details are captured under relevant columns:
    • Select District: “Relevant district where property islocated”

Ø   Select Taluka : “Relevant taluka under that district”

  • Select Village: “First 3 letters of village”
  • Select Urban or Rural: “Tick appropriately as per propertylocation”
  • Select Hadd Type: “Corporation”
  • Select Hadd Name: “Relevant from drop-down menu'”
  • Input Road & Landmark: “As per Memorandum of Entry”

Ø   SelectAttribute: “Relevant drop-down menu as per details available on
Memorandum of Entry/lNDEX-II/Agreement”

  • Select Property Type: “Relevant from drop-down menu”
  • Select House Type: “Relevantfrom drop-down menu”
  • Input Buildup Area/Unit/Building Name I Floor No /Flat No:
  • Relevant drop-down menu as per details available onMemorandum Of Entry/INDEX-II/Agreement”
  • Select details of Title deed deposited with bank:”Relevant selection as per copy of documents receivedfrom bank”
  • Under section Payments Details “Mortgagor/s/ Property Ownerto ensure payment details of filing fees are filled in & correct asper relevant mode of payment.”
  • Click on “SAVE & VIEW NOTICE”
  • Automated “Notice of Intimation regarding Mortgage by way ofdeposit of Title Deeds” shall be generated
  • Take print of automated “Notice of Intimation regarding Mortgageby way of deposit of Title Deeds”
  • Click on “CLOSE”, post which you shall see list of SRO’s alongwith designated days of visit along with unique token no.
  • Frank the Automated “Notice of Intimation regarding Mortgageby way of deposit of Title Deeds” for INR 100.
  • Check with physical print whether all relevant data ofMortgagor/sIProperty owner/s on the automated “Notice ofIntimation regarding Mortgage by way of deposit of TitleDeeds” are inline with documents received from the bank.
  • Stamp duty amount should match with memorandum of entryexecuted
  • Mortgagor I s I Property owner/s thumb impression is captured
  • Mortgagor/s / Property owner/s signature is available.
  • Mortgagor/s / Property owner/s photograph’s are duly affixed.
  • Mortgagor/s / Property Owner/s to visit designated Axis BankLoan Centre for signature & seal attestation post generation ofAutomated “Notice of Intimation regarding Mortgage by way ofDeposit of Title Deed”



3)         Mortgagor/s / Property Owner should carry below mentioneddocuments on the designated day for filing the notice of intimationwith the concerned sub-registrar:

  • Duly filled & attested ‘Notice of Intimation regarding Mortgage by way of Deposit of Title Deed’
  • Bank I Self- attested KYC of all property owner/s/mortgagor/s.
  • Bank attested copy of Equitable Mortgage Document(Memorandum of Entry)
  • Bank attested copy of Sanction Letter
  • Challan for payment of INR 1000
  • INR 300 as ‘Handling Charges’ in form of cash
  • Bank attested copy of INDEX-I!
  • Self attested identity proof of Authorized bank representative
  • Franking details letter from bank

4)         All mortgagor/s / Property owner to be physically present during filing of notice of intimation.

5)         Mortgagor/s / Property owner to ensure no fields are left blank in the “Notice of Intimation regarding Mortgage by way of Deposit of TitleDeed”

6)         Post filing the notice of intimation, ensure to collect the duly acknowledged copy of intimation from the sub registrar

7)         Mortgagor/s/Property owner to ensure deposition of duly acknowledged
photocopy of intimation is sent to the respectiveasset loan center from where disbursal took place.


Additional Note:

  • Cases wherein mortgagor/s/property owner is unable to visit thedesignated sub registrar office, registered power of attorney asdefined in “The Registration (Maharashtra Amendment) Act,2010” needs to be executed.


Payment of INR 1000 Filling Fees


Visit GRAS site


Under Categories Select


Select Relevant Payment Option


Option 1


E – Payment


Fill in Required Details


Select Respective Bank for Payment


Make Payment & Challan gets generated


Print the Challan



Option 2


Payment Across Bank Counter


Fill in required details


Select Respective Bank for payment of filing fees by Cash I
Demand Draft


Filing Fees Payment Challan Generation


Print the Challan


Visit designated Bank along with Challan Copy


Payment of filing fees by Cash I Demand Draft


Authorized Challan Copy Collection from Bank





Data Entry for Filling Automated Notice Of Intimation



Visit :


Under Online Facilities select

“Public Data Entry for Filing”


Create Your User Name & Password


Fill in required details


Generation of Automated”Notice of Intimation”


Print Automated “Notice of Intimation”





Frank “Notice Of Intimation”for INR 100





Ensure Photograph and Signatures of allMortgagor’s’ Property owner/s are presenton “Notice of Intimation”





Visit Respective Axis Bank Loan Centrefrom where Loan originated for Signature& Seal Attestation of Mortgagee on”Notice of Intimation”







Visit Respective SROon designated daywith
all Mortgagor/s/ Property Owner/s


Execute “Notice of Intimation”


Collect duly filed AcknowledgementReceipt of
“Notice of Intimation” from SRO





Dispatch / Deposit photocopy of duly filed acknowledged”Notice of Intimation to Respective Axis Bank Loan Centre from where
loan originated”

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