HUDA allottees would get one more opportunity to deposit enhancement dues of plots

By Accommodation Times Bureau

While giving major relief to the allottees of Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP), CM Manohar Lal said that HSVP allottees would be given one more opportunity to deposit the enhancement dues of their plots by giving them a rebate.

Lal said that “The HSVP allottees himself had raised the enhancement issue and wanted to get it resolved. He said that a large number  of allottees took benefit of 40 per cent rebate given to them recently for settling their enhancement dues under which an amount of Rs 850 crore was deposited as against enhancement of about Rs 1,400 crore.”

The Chief Minister said that he had invited various resident welfare associations of sectors of HSVP and talked about the issue of enhancement. Most of the demands which the allottees raised in the meeting have been accepted by the State Government except two demands for which a committee comprising three retired Judge has been constituted. These two demands would also be considered after the committee submits its reports, he added.

He said that a rebate scheme would again be implemented for those allottees that could not get the benefit under the similar scheme earlier. But, this time, they would get rebate less than 40 per cent so that the allottees of earlier scheme do not feel that they might have done any mistake by depositing amount of enhancement two months earlier.

The Chief Minister said that he was of the view that allottees should be informed about their complete liability at the beginning.


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