HUPA introduces National Livelihood Mission for urban poor with this Ministry of Urban Development seeks more PPP models

By Accommodation Times News Service

The Minister of Urban Development, Mr. Kamal Nath has emphasized that the basic principal of economic growth and urbanization should be inclusion and sustainability. He was speaking at the Inauguration of the Conference on ‘Innovations in Urban Governance’ in New Delhi today. He said that new models of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) are required, which should be customized to the circumstances and requirements of individual States as well as their Municipal structures.

The Minister pointed out that the rural urban divide is gradually disappearing and technology is changing the nature of the divide. He said that in the light of these developments, new rural urban linkages will have to be now created. The Minister highlighted the need to boost investment in infrastructure in urban areas, carry out capacity building both at human and organizational levels, bring about financial reforms and organize efficient land use as well as provide essential services to the urban poor like sanitation, health care etc.

The Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA) , Dr Girija Vyas announced that her Ministry is planning to set up a National Livelihood Mission to ensure livelihood to urban people especially urban poor. This shall be done through trainings and capacity building to promote entrepreneurship as well as generate employment. She lauded the efforts made by JnNURM cities to reserve at least 20 percent budget for basic services for the poor.

The Secretary to the Ministry of Urban Development, Mr. Sudhir Krishna pointed out that India’s future growth stories will depend on planned urbanization for which creating proper infrastructure in cities and providing basic services to the people is a must. The Chairman of the National Innovation Council and Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Sam Pitroda highlighted the need for using the services of domain experts and creating a list of best practices to improve the process of urbanization in India. He said the aim of the conference is to develop key recommendations on urban governance for further follow-up by the Ministry.

The two day Conference has been organized with the Joint effort of Ministry of Urban Development, National Innovation Council and World Bank.

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