Impact of Mall on the locality

By Pradip Pathak
One of the biggest growing and upcoming industry buzz in INDIA is a Retail sector which has grown to an approximate 7 to 8% of totality where as in other countries like U.S.A., U.K., BRAZIL etc… it has grown and developed to an average of more than 85% and showing almost an saturation level to all these and other developed countries. As per market conditions it was expecting to cover @ 23 to 25% by 2010.
This retail sector is having its own various kind of different types and methods of presentation which is defined as different types of formats in retail industries and it is related with the, the covered floor area and location, the type of customers it is covering, the type of product it is providing and the type of segment it is handling.
The small formats are the stores which are providing and satisfying local routine life daily requirement scattered all around the suburbs, developed metros, states. From the same a large structure covering a big land area with multiple segment and products from bangles to ballroom, cloth to cosmetics, pen to pizzas, envelope to entertainment giving thrill, lots of fun, and cheering atmosphere to everybody is termed as MALL ‘S.
Today malls have changed the life style of a person, presentation of area and locality. It becomes a land mark for a near by societies. The advantages are,
1) Everybody can purchase a required stuff / material with multiple company products at very much economical and cheaper rate.
2) Dependency on a particular service provider is destroyed.
3) Saving of time as family in which both the persons are earning can full fill their requirements at a single visit and no need of vesting time separately for different items.
4) Place of entertainment for children’s, meeting place for young stars.
5) Dining spot for family members who want to give special treat of his trend and culture like Raghuleela chain of malls is providing various types of specialty food restaurant’s under one roof.
6) Holiday and Sunday visiting place for peoples staying at a long distance.
7) Saves money on all the available products.
8) Big manufacturing companies found big resource.
The disadvantages it has are as follows,
1) Too much air and pollution.
2) Car parking on out side roads make traffic jam.
3) Difficult for students to concentrate on studies during exams because of sound pollution.
4) Social surrounding is effected because of late night stay of young stars.
5) Old and aged persons found difficult to go out side in the evening time.
As per the industry expectations the MALL mania has created a great impact on all the peoples and it has boomed up and growing with a great speed and expecting to achieve great heights in short time.

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