Improvement in Ease of doing biz lead to growth in FDI

By Accommodation Times Bureau


Measures taken by the Government on FDI policy liberalization along with improvement in ease of doing business climate has resulted in the growth of total FDI inflows, Minister of State of Commerce and Industry, C. R. Chaudhary on Wednesday said.

The country has been recording highest ever FDI since 2015-16. It increased from 55.56 USD billion in 2015-16 to 60.22 USD billion in 2016-17 and reached 61.96 USD billion in 2017-18. These figures surpass the FDI inflows of any of the preceding financial years. Year wise increase in the total FDI inflows is given below:

Sr. No. Financial Year Total FDI Inflow

(in USD billion)

1. 2013-14 36.05
2. 2014-15 45.15
3. 2015-16 55.56
4. 2016-17 (Provisional) 60.22
5. 2017-18 (Provisional) 61.96



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