In Draft DP 2034 of Mumbai, parking will cost you more than your car

carparkBy Dr Sanjay Chaturvedi, LLB, PhD

In a proposed Parking regulations and policy in Draft Development Plan 2034 of Greater Mumbai, it is proposed that if any additional parking space provided, more than the mandatory requirement, would be counted in the FSI. Any additional parking area provided will be counted in FSI.

The GDCR includes regulations for off-street parking, which includes provisions of parking spaces in various land uses and occupancy types. Car parking is provided in the form of number of cars for every 100 sqm built-up area. For residential occupancy, 1.33 car park spaces are mandated for every 100 sqm BUA. Hence, any car park provided by the builder will be dearer as the area of flat goes up.

Areas with high FSI are proposed around transit stations. These areas have been created to encourage public transit, reduce vehicular ingress, curb the use of private vehicles and promote walking. Hence in areas where proposed FSI is 6.5 and above, parking provisions is to be half of that provided in the GDCR, for residential , commercial , retail, hotels and industrial land uses.

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