Increase in the FSI of the class ‘C’ cessed buildings of Mumbai

 The cessed buildings of class ‘c’ in Mumbai that are constructed after 1960 would soon get the FSI of 2.5%. Over 1,270 such buildings would get the advantage of the added FSI where the earlier limit was of 1.33%. Most of these buildings are deteriorated and are in the need of a complete makeover. The state government has decided to include these buildings in 33(7) scheme.

The state government shall make the necessary amendments in the MHADA act as well as in the development control rules. Earlier only class ‘A’ category buildings were entitled to have the advantage of 2.55% FSI.

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3 thoughts on “Increase in the FSI of the class ‘C’ cessed buildings of Mumbai

  1. Ours is a pre 1940 non-cess building in Iisland city. Our building was constructed in 1935. In 1967 we formed a co-operative housing society, since landlord sold the building to the existing tenant. The cess was introduce in 1971. For 32 years it was tenanty property. My question is whether we will get permission for redevelopment under DC 33 (7) ? At present we are eligible for 1:33 FSI for Co-operative Society in Island city Mumbai, but no builder is coming to suck small FSI, as it is not profitable to the builder.
    Whether any amendment is coming for non-cess building and Co-operative Housing Society in Island City Mumbai contructed prior to 1969

    Awaiting your reply Sir

    Mr. S.V. Venkatesh Mobile No. 9819110955

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