India has great potential for tourism

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By Murari Chaturvedi, Editor-in-Chief

murari sir 2In India tourism potential is great and is continuous during the entire year. Now the festival season is just to start. The country side is having green all around and the climate is just right throughout the country. What we lack is proper infrastructure and budget friendly hotels in tourist destinations. State tourism development corporations should gear up to provide cost effective tourist accommodation, public transport, health care services, communication set up and other amenities according to the specific requirements at tourist destinations. Facilitation is another pre-requisite for their touristic infrastructure it covers not only those procedures, which help tourist within the country. The role of private sector is very important, which should be roped in developing tourism related infrastructure in the country. They have the capacity and organisational set-ups for real estate development. So they can very well contribute to develop tourism destinations and also provide needed services thereafter. Tourism is money spinner all over the world and contribute quite substantially to the economy and GDP. It is now for the tourism ministry to spruce up its functioning for providing the needed facilities at all tourist destinations in the country. Logistic support is all important in this sector. The bottleneck at railway reservations and inadequate public transport (tourist buses), discourage tourists whether domestic or foreign. It is sad that while there is so much to offer all over the country, from Himalayan peaks to temples, sun-soaked beaches, historical monuments and variety of flora and fauna, there are no co-ordinated efforts to facilitate tourism. We have wonderful sea frontage from Arabian sea to Bay of Bengal which can be used as coastal tourism by luxury liners plying between Mumbai and Kolkatta. In fact there is pot of gold in tourism sector its up to the government, specifically tourist development corporation, to realise it.

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