India has undertaken most comprehensive urban development plan: Puri

By Accommodation Times Bureau


Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Monday said that India has undertaken the most comprehensive and planned urbanization planned anywhere in the world.

Minister was speaking at the session on “Building a better India through Urban Development” at CII Annual Session 2018. He stated that between now and 2030, 700-900 million sq. mt. of urban space is to be developed every year in order to accommodate 40% of the total Indian population that is expected to be based out of the urban areas by 2030.

According to the CII press release, the growing significance of cities he noted that by 2030, cities will contribute to around 66% of the country’s GDP and close to 90% of tax collection.

Minister insisted that “We have a huge task ahead of us since for the past 67 years we have subjected our urban infrastructure to “criminal” neglect.”

He further added that the kind of planned urbanization which is sought will not solely be decided by the Centre but the urban local bodies also need to be included in the planning and development.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is the apex authority of Government of India at the national level to formulate policies, sponsor and support programme, coordinate the activities of various Central Ministries, State Governments and other nodal authorities and monitor the programmes concerning all the issues of housing and urban affairs in the country.

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