Indore – The Cleanest City in Country & Smart move to Invest In

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By REMC India

“Cleanliness drives are something that has touched every Indian”- Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The jingle, “Swach Bharat Ka Irada, Irada Kar Liya Hai Humne” is being chanted at every nook and corner of the street around the nation, further waving influence and persuading every citizen of the country, be it kids, young or even adults.

Who would deny with the fact that the “Clean India” campaign which was derived from Gandhiji & ideology, had been the most successful cleanliness drive that India had ever witnessed. A ‘Leher’ (Wave) of change where an enormous amount of cities from India, participated in government’s cleanliness survey – Swachh Survekshan 2017. Indore being the second
the commercial capital of the country, prepended another achievement at its wardrobe when it was ranked first for being the ‘Cleanest City’ of India.

The achievement was more prodigious as Indore competed with 4200 different cities from the nation itself and still stood first while beating all the metropolitans and cities that are known as beautiful tourist destinations of India. Leaving a gargantuan impact, other cities from India started to participate enthusiastically in the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.
Talking about India’s second commercial city, Indore has raised the bar in the field of education, technology, architecture, food, entertainment, and even fashion. Indore is proudly the fastest developing city in the nation. Scrutinizing
the pace of development, Indore has become one of the best business hotspots for various MNCs, including developers, investor, and builders.

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