Industrial Parks been set up by private firms to meet SME’s demands

Image of Industrial Park By Accommodation Times News Service

Private firms forays into industrial park meeting SME’s demand garnering business worth Rs 3,000 crore

To tap the growing demand from upcoming small and medium enterprises (SMEs) many private players are either planning or already setting up industrial parks on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. Many infra developers are setting up industrial parks ranging in size from 700,000 to 1.5 million sq yards. Some are developed by private firms while some are being set up by association with the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC).One of the official said the demand for industrial parks among SMEs is increasing, which has resulted in the increased supply. There are some players who are working with us for setting up industrial parks in the public-private-partnership mode. The demand is gradually increasing among SMEs especially the sectors like engineering, auto and pharma.  This is also because not many new GIDC estates have been set up; hence private players are grabbing the opportunity.

The industrial parks are being set up for investment of anywhere between Rs 50 crore and 150 crore depending on the size of the park. According to the players of industry this could definitely garner worth business.

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