Infrastructure development to give MMR region a new face

By Accommodation Times News Service

In a discussion in the assembly our Chief Minister Prithiviraj Chauhan made an announcement of a long list of the new infrastructure developments been carried on in the Metropolitan Region. He introduced a draft in Vidhan Parishad of changing the over all structure of the region.

Region like Vasai-Virar belt, Kalyan, Thane holds maximum potential of development. Some of the changes will be all the SEZ buildings residents will be having insurance.  Mumbai has almost 14, 190 SEZ buildings, the resident will be getting a 5lakh insurance of which the premium payed by Mhada Repairing Board, hence the fund for the Repairing board is been increased from 100crore to 500crore. Also there will be Development Control Rules (DCR), to put transport system on track a single transport rules. The new rule will be used for the BEST services.

Seeing the worst hit roads, CM has taken the in-charge raising question to the work of BMC. Blacklisted those contractors who were in faults.

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