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What speaks of our credibility and promptness in providing information with authenticity is the fact that a large number of Property Purchasers, NRIs, Investors, Corporate, Government Departments, Housing Agencies, Bureaucrats, Building material manufacturers, Students, C.A., C.S., Advocates, Solicitors, Advocates, Builders, Architects and other Trade professionals depends on us for regular updates speaks volumes about the authenticity and reach of our services since last 27 years.

Thanks to the exclusivity of our information and soundness of quality in other services we have a huge gamut of prolific writers. What makes us a popular Real Estate portal is the massive ambit of coverage of different segments of the Real Estate Sector since 1996 when the website was born and since 1986 when the Newspaper was establisghed.

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Subjects on Which We Accept Articles

Income Tax Real Estate Markets Service Tax
Stamp Duty & Registration Rent Control Acts Legal Aspects of Real Estate
Land Law Infrastructre Development Developing Zones
Housing Finance New Architecture Techniques Real Estate Research
Transfer of Property Act Securitisation & DRT Laws International Markets
Investment Avenues Realty Funds Events
Article Category

(i) Analysis of Latest Judicial & Statutory happenings :- Articles of this category should be precise and emphasis must be laid on practical value of the issues involved. Broadly the articles may be divided in two parts: What has happened, and implications of such happening.

(ii) Articles on Any of the above subject which may help understand subject better: – A list of some suggested features is given below:-

Documentation of Property Transactions
Investment Products/ Projects / Developing Zones
Case studies on Investment & Tax Planning
Frequently Asked Questions
Real Life Case studies / Complaints / Suggestions.
We welcome your suggestions on similar features which can help trade in their day-to-day practice.

Form and structure of articles
To help us in editing your article expeditiously, you may keep the following points in mind:

Length of article – An article should preferably contain 400 to 1500 words.
Heading of article – Heading should be precise and reflective of contents (preferably within 8 words).
Brief: It is in essence a short summary of the article, giving thrust of the article in nutshell.
An article should have following main parts:
(i) Introduction – It should contain about 50-150 words.

(ii) Main body – It should be well-structured and synchronized. Each para should bear a suitable heading. A para may be divided into sub-paras with suitable sub-headings.

(iii) Conclusion – It should contain about 100 words.

Law stated – Please ensure that the law stated is accurate and the latest one. In case any development takes place after the submission of the article, but before its publication, please contact us immediately so that we can stop the publication of the same and publish the same after necessary correction from your side.
Name, address and photograph – Name, address and contact number along with Passport size coloured photograph should be emailed along with the article.
Copyright – It should be ensured that the article sent is original and does not infringe copyright of any person/institute, etc. In case of any such infringement, the author of article shall be personally liable for such infringement and any consequent damages.
Consent for exclusive publication – It is to be ensured that the article is sent exclusively to for publication on its website.
By following the above procedures, you can ensure that no major editing of your article is necessary and this would hasten publication of your article

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