Is High Tension Wire Running within the project? Don’t Buy

hightensionwireBy Accommodation Times News Services

At Medahalli – Belathur Road, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066 is having some of the project by a reputed builder from Bangaluru is suffering biggest set back where buyers are running away from the project. Smartly, the builder have started selling overseas where the buyer could not come physically on the site of the project. NRIs believe the sales pitch and concealed information on high tension wire. Many are repenting and cursing the builder. Just search the net and you will find huge complaints about this.

In Mumbai, along western express highway, high tension wire is running along. It is advisable to be as far as 100 mtrs from such high tension wire and its radiation. Medical experts says that pregnant women and children must not stay in the vicinity. Cancer experts says that 90% chances are that one will contact with cancer if remain connected or within vicinity of such high tension wires.

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