It’s the biggest challenge of my career: MMRDA Commissioner

By Accommodation Times Bureau


A. Rajeev, Metropolitan Commissioner, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) on Friday said that probably the first time the government is supporting infrastructure development wholeheartedly.

The Commissioner in the meet-n-greet event with city’s infra journalists he said, “It’s the biggest challenge of my career”.

“This probably is the first time that the government is supporting infrastructure development wholeheartedly and with so many projects slated for the development of the city, I consider this one of the most challenging periods of my career, Commissioner said.

Emphasizing the need of commuter comfort he said, “Environment and development must happen hand-in-hand. At the same time, we should also keep in mind that most of the projects are to develop the city, which is the need of the hour, and also saves the environment”.

When prodded by the media Rajeev quipped, “All projects will be my priority as all of them are required for the betterment of the city. My priority will be to complete them by the schedule and reduce the delays and cost overruns”. The new Metropolitan Commissioner also said that he will ensure coordination with all government agencies such as MCGM, Traffic Police etc. to minimize noise and air pollution and inconvenience that will be caused to people.

The Metropolitan Commissioner is eager to take stalk of various ambitious projects MMRDA has undertaken such as Metro project along with MTHL, Virar-Alibaug MultiModal corridor among others.

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